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Psalm's second full-length album "Story" was recorded in Tel Aviv between 2009 and 2010 by Ori Winokur (producer of Asaf Avidan and the Mojos). It was mastered by John Dent at LOUD Mastering, whose work on the likes of Nick Drake's "Made to Love Magic" and Robert Plant's "Anthology" needs no introduction.


released November 25, 2010



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Track Name: News for Us All
Mary thinks it's only in her dreams she can understand things. So she speaks and opens up her ears to what the singer will bring. Say, I got news for us all, it won't be very long.

In the misty hour that hangs between the river and skies. From the four winds blowing on the bones the day the sleepers will rise.
Track Name: Silent Song
Inside this emotion, you're almost everything. Inside you're an ocean who doesn't need the rain. But you know.

You're only pretending the world's around you. You're only defending yourself against you. But you know.

I hear heaven sending a silent song to a world defending its silence.

Inside this emotion, you squeeze the pillow. You lead with your mind but your heart is in your throat. But you know.
Track Name: Outside In
Inside this time I am. I am inside-out again. Behind these eyes won't show. Don't die, don't die, don't I know. At the waterside you will find a boat. A time for breaking down, time to die, to belong. You will ride the skies, sail beyond these shores. A time to overcome, time to kill, to come home.

And this will go and it will come again. Waters rise and waters fall, amen. And I will laugh and I will sing again. So turn me on and turn me outside-in.

I have two dreams, two homes. One land, one heart turned to stone. Inside, which one to hold? Don't die, don't die, don't I know? At the waterside you will find a song. A time for breaking down, time to kill, to belong. You will ride the skies, sail beyond these shores. A time to overcome, time to die, to come home.

And this will go and it will come again. Waters rise and waters fall, amen. And from the dust and in the dust remain.
Track Name: There I Go Again
There I go again, caught up in the clouds. And you don't understand how to get me down. You don't know me very well. Thoughts unraveling, I hoped they all were dead. Trying to believe in someone in my head. It's where I find my peace of mind.

I'm not the one that's falling. How can I fall, I'm in the clouds. I've found the one to hold me. He'll never try to pull me down. I don't know where I'm going, and where I am time will tell. All I know are waiting to find the friend I know I've found. Because I'm waiting for a reason, a reason to believe in. And I know that he'll lead me into the secret, beside still waters. Somewhere down below these clouds.

There I go again, trying to be it all. Angels up ahead will maybe break my fall. They tell me not to try again. Let me just pretend these are not all dreams, flying once again far away from me. I think you know I know myself.
Track Name: All I Have Heard
He heard a song before the light of day. He said he knew the sound, the bells that rang. And at the river's edge, wanting to see, he heard the drums like hearts waiting to beat. He sank into the water to wait, holding his breath to breathe.

I have known the words of promises made grow from the cracking ground into the grave. I have held the hand of darkened dreams. No one can break me from the things I've seen. And I have felt the rain fall from the sky again. But all I have heard is silence.

When the mountains fall into the sea, then with a shout I'll be the first to sing. And I will run into the open gate. And I will answer to who calls my name. But all I have heard is silence.

He heard a song before the light of day. The breaking of the storm, the bells that rang. Calling a song of some waiting to sing. I saw the lightning strike, but distantly. And all I have heard is silence.
Track Name: Spider
This is where the spider crawls, climbing up the spout again. But you know, he always falls when we wash him down the drain. Mercy is as mercy shows, so we won't ignore his pain. But you know, we never know when he might be back again.

So one, two, three – ready, aim, make him run in circles. On to war! Standing on the front line. By myself, waiting for the punch-line. Take them out. And I think they want more. Make them fade. This is what they die for.

If I were an angel, I'd wish I were a shooting star. If I were a shooting star, I'd wish I were a cannonball. This is where the story ends. Will the weak destroy the strong? If this is how the book is read, then I'd better go along.
Track Name: Songs of Angels
Let the rage that burns within me rise to the stars, may they sing a new song for us. May they make an arrow to the heart, to the cords of injustice. Their dreams are young, their songs are very few.

Then with a fever burn the skies, may they burn a new road for us. Let the fire lead us through the night, may the light burn a hole in the darkness. Their words are some, their songs are very few.

You say you want songs of angels, but you won't weep anymore.

Revelation, a blind man sings. Perfection is found in simple things. We want life in our death, we've got smoke on our breath, and there's too much reality stored in our dreams. Young minds are scattered, shattered. It takes years to build them, a moment to break them. We beat them, we kill them, we recreate them. We dress them like fools and send them out dancing and tell them each step will make all the difference. Red-fire reflections in light-blue glass eyes. To get the prize, they wade through lies. The time flies. Their dreams have lost their innocence.
Track Name: Wings
Tossing, turning, drinking. Only to wake, on the phone, speaking slowly. I'm half at the end, half I'm only beginning to begin. Songbirds, blue skies, stars in dark nights. I hear the sound of angels in flight. Rushing, moving, sweeping. Hearing the wings inside the wind.

Fly! The wings are strong. Song! Come on, come on again.

Again I'm only half of something. It's been a game of all or nothing, And nothing isn't good enough to feel like landing in. But I hear it come through the doorway. Am I dreaming, early morning? Moving, floating, softly landing. Wings above my bed.
Track Name: Selah
It's night, the watchman waits. The signs say there's going to be rain. Selah. The moon is on the rise. And she watches him wait for something surprising. The moon, she's smooth, she moves on the horizon. She watches the shadows fall. She watches the city's eyes stay closed. Selah. The moon is on the rise.

It's night, the watchman waits. The signs say there's going to be rain. Selah. A witness in the sky. And the cracks in the ground start to grow beneath city streets. And the trees in the wind start to moan as the city sleeps. The dark night hides behind city walls. Where the light falls, the moon will be watching them.

Enter the sleepers from cracks in the ground. And the moon growing deeper in shadows around. Without a sound, without waking the city whose walls are around. There is the seeker, the watchman who calls. And the moon growing deeper through cracks in the walls. Wake up! Selah. The moon is on the rise.

Can you hear the world say no? Can you hear the words so slow? Can you hear the war go on an on? Hallelujah.
Track Name: Into the Twilight
Out-worn heart, in a time out-worn. Come clear of the nets of wrong and right. Laugh heart again in the gray twilight. Sigh, heart again in the dew of the morn.

Your mother Eire is always young. Dew ever shining and twilight gray. Though hope fall from you and love decay, burning in fires of a slanderous tongue.

*Morning comes again, and the night descends.

Come, heart, where hill is leaped upon hill. For there the mystical brotherhood of sun and moon and hollow and wood and river and stream work out their will.

And God stands winding his lonely horn, and time and the world are ever in flight. And love is less kind than the grey twilight, and hope is less dear than the dew of the morn.

(all words except * by W.B Yeats)